What is OmniLeads?

OMniLeads is a Standalone solution for Contact Centers based on Free Software GPL V3, designed to support the management, operation and administration of a Contact Center.

OMnileads offers functionalities that allow you to develop both Inbound and Outbound Call Center operations (preview, manual and predictive campaigns). From a simple installation, a whole Contact Center operation can be set up either within the framework of a company or organization that needs its own Contact Center integrated to the operating PBX within its telephone system, as well as operating as a Core Communications from a company that provides Customer Contact (Business Outsourcing Process – BPO) services.

OmniLeads TakeOff

“OMniLeads as a Contact Center platform integrated to a SIP-based PBX.”

Course description

Throughout the course, the steps that must be carried out to execute a successful OMniLeads implementation as a complementary Call Center system integrated to a company’s SIP-based PBX system are presented through multimedia material.


Provide the student with the ability to quickly understand how to install and configure the platform, thus understanding the basics of OMniLeads.

What do I learn?

Upon completing the course, the student can understand the basics of the system, and being able to perform an integration of OMniLeads within a telephony system whose core is a PBX based on SIP.

Who is it for?

VoIP integrators, distributors, end customers who are exploring a multi-functional call center tool

«This course awards a Digital Badge»

General information about the course

Course’s Topics

Course’s Topics

Chapter 1

  • OMniLeads Installation
  • Initial Settings

Chapter 2

  • Integration with the PBX via SIP (Examples using FreePBX and Issabel)

Chapter 3

  • The campaign concept in OMniLeads.
  • Preview and Manual Campaigns
  • Predictive Dialer Settings
  • Campaigns using Predictive Dialing
  • Inbound Campaigns

Chapter 4

  • Calls from the PBX to Incoming Campaigns in OMniLeads
  • Calls from OMniLeads to the PBX

Chapter 5

  • Backup and Restoration
  • Modification of network parameters
  • Updates


  • Basic knowledge of VoIP and Asterisk *
  • Basic knowledge of networks
  • Basic knowledge of linux *

Note: The Asterisk and VoIP Basic course is an option to cover these requirements.


    1. What is the duration of the course?
      The course is pre-recorded and is designed so that it can be completed with 2 hours a day for a week, that is, around 14 hours of study. This modality is designed in such a way that the student advances at his own pace, those who have less knowledge about VoIP and other complementary technologies could take more time to finish it.
    2. What should I do to participate?
      Fill out the form in this page, we will create a user for you on our training platform and will send you instructions.
    3. What is the value of the course?
      This first course is introductory and free for everyone, with no time limit. In the future we plan to add more courses, some with cost and others that will also be free.
    4. At what time can I take the course?
      There are no schedules, the course is available 24 hours a day and the student advances according to their time availability.
    5. How many people can take the course?
      Anyone interested in taking the course is welcome regardless of the company and number of employees they have; There is no student limit!
    6. Can we have a list of topics?
      Yes, there is a course’s topic section published on this page.

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Certification Exam

The OMniLeads Take Off course certification is issued when the student passes a practical exam online, whose content is related to the content of this course.

Exam Format

The exam will be practical.

Each student receives an OMniLeads instance deployed on a virtual server and instructions to perform configurations. Everything that is requested by the OMniLeads team can be found in the course documentation.


The student must have a notebook with a microphone and internet connection so that it can be accessed by «SSH & HTTS» to your OMniLeads instance and also register a softphone on the «PSTN-Emulator» host.

Evaluation method

The student coordinates the date/time of his exam. The data of the server is sent to him/her and from there he/she has 24 hours to solve the exam. After that time, access is blocked and the OMniLeads team will review the test.

The student passed with 75% of the exam successfully resolved. There are two opportunities to take the exam.


TechXpert.Guru provides each student with an OMniLeads instance (which is created using docker), a PSTN line for the softphone, a SIP trunk for the OMniLeads instance (a PSTN-emulator is created with a docker) and a CRM URL that when invoked «draw» the data provided in the call.

OMniLeads Take Off Certification

The OMniLeads Take Off course certification is issued when the student passes a practical exam online.

The price of the certification is $ 299 USD which includes the right of examination for the first and second opportunities. If the student needs a third, he must pay a $ 40 USD exam fee for each additional attempt.

All professionals who are certified receive the Digital Badge of this course.

Take Off certification is a requirement to become OMniLeads Certified Reseller.

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